10 Weird and Wonderful ideas to Fundraise for Link Up (UK)

In these times of economic turmoil  racial and cultural tensions have increasingly become an issue on everyone’s radar. Everyone is talking about entitlement and contributions many politicians and interest groups have sprung up to promote messages of ‘them’ and ‘us’, when we need strong voices  shouting about the benefits of working together …..and we need fundraisers to contribute to our efforts to help promote positive messages around diversity and its benefits.

Four out of ten people believe that more than 10% of the population are refugees. And one in 20 of us believe most people in Britain today have been granted asylum.

Funding will receive will go directly towards trying to enhance and promote ideas of community and belonging.

Here are 10 top fundraising ideas for those of you willing to try something a little different.

  1. Hold a bush-tucker trial and get sponsored to eat horrible things
  2. Wax your chest hair in return for donations (male bikini waxes will get double…ouch)
  3. Wear a mankini for the day in return for sponsorship cash
  4. Get sponsored to have a baked bean bath
  5. Hold a chilli-eating competition and charge everyone to watch
  6. Get sponsored to wear your clothes the wrong way round for a day
  7. Persuade the boss to be gunged for cash
  8. Get people to sponsor you to dye your hair bright blue like Marge Simpson
  9. For the dare-devils only, take the plunge and get sponsored to skydive (with or without your clothes on!)
  10. Fast Food competition: Who can eat the most hot-dogs in two minutes? Charge people to enter, with a free meal at a local restaurant for the winner. You’ll be surprised how many people enter a comp like this just for the ‘glory’.

Email or tweet us your best suggestions for out there and hair-raising fundraisers

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