Why are you called Link Up (UK) and Great British Community?

We chose the name Link Up UK for the Charity because it reflects the way we want to work. We want to play our part in helping to develop a network of organisations and people who share both our concerns about society and our desire to work to make it more inclusive, to do that we believe that we all need to ‘link up.’

Great British community is the name of our ‘first’ online project. We use the Great British Community site to inform, challenge and encourage reflection. Thanks for visiting by the way.

Do you have a party political agenda?

No. Both Link UP (UK) and its flagship project Great British Community are non-political. We committed to engaging with all British people across the whole political spectrum, and those of no fixed view.

What do you mean by British?

We mean that the project aims to engage with all British people, i.e. British citizens either by birth or naturalisation. However we believe that people who reside here are stakeholders in the communities they live in and must be actively consulted and involved in the same way as everyone else, thereby helping us build an inclusive British future.

What do you mean by diversity?

We mean the wide and wonderful variety of people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, abilities, sexualities , genders, ages and other groups who make up the UK including those who have mental health and well-being problems. We hope to contribute to society coming together by helping people see beyond these labels. We want to bridge gaps in understanding, helping people to accept difference by seeking common ground and developing a shared sense of belonging.

How are you governed?

Link Up (UK) is a registered charity (registration number 1147467). We are governed by an Independent Board of Trustees which is responsible for overseeing the organisation, and who bring together expertise from a wide range of professional backgrounds. We operate under the conditions laid out by the Charity Commission.

How many staff do you have?

We currently have 3 staff and a small and dedicated group of volunteers who work for free within our projects, running social media, writing and producing content for the site. If you want to volunteer for us then please check out our GET ON BOARD page.

How are you funded?

Link Up (UK) was established with funding from a number of different philanthropists, and continues its work with donations and in-kind support from individuals, companies, donors and other charitable organisations. We are particularly grateful for the support of The Coexistence Trust, Mosaic, The Rockley Foundation, The Red Trust and GREAT BRITISH COMMUNITY

As a charity our annual accounts will be available for public scrutiny, via the charities commission in Autumn 2013 and ongoing.

How can I donate to your charity?

Your support and those of the many volunteers who staff us are invaluable. But if you would like to support our work click this link to the DONATE page.

There are a number of options on the the donations page incuding one off donations/regular donations/company donations. You can also FUNDRAISE FOR US.

What will Link Up (UK) and Great British Community Do?

We will work with British people to combat prejudice and discrimination. We will work to counter myths and stereotypes in the media and in wider society. We will engaging the public in a debate about British identity and social integration.

We will create a vibrant well used online platform which integrates social media and provides: Information, Games, Videos, Educational Resources and training opportunities geared towards building a shared sense of belonging. We will engage with the public through social, national and regional media; and we’ll take our cue from the public, from you, our service users and contributors, about how we talk about and address these issues.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for features or projects  you would like to see us doing then please CONTACT US.

How can I find out more?

You can sign up for regular email updates to keep friends and supporters informed of our activities. If you would like to be added to the mailing list then please email us at info@greatbritishcommunity.org

You can also engage with what we are doing on a day-to-day basis on twitter @TweetGBC and at www.greatbritishcommunity.org

How can my organisation work with Link Up (UK)?

We’re always interested in hearing about what other people/organisations are doing around Britain around diversity, sharing best practice and linking up! Drop us a line if you have any ideas about how you might want to work with us.

If you are involved in a project, group or campaign which you think Link Up(UK) might be interested in then please email us at info@greatbritishcommunity.org.

You can also use the website Contacts Form to contact us with ideas, or if you would like to contribute to our section or suggest an idea or story for a blog or project.

Why do you not display your address on publicity?

We don’t display our address on publicity as a security measure for the safety of our employees and volunteers against extremist individuals and groups.

How do I contact you?

You can email us at info@greatbritishcommunity.org

Call us on 08456070702