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Whose game for a thrill ride?

Unfortunately there are many people living in Great Britain that don’t feel part of a community, that read the paper and feel like the society they live in doesn’t want them, and others feel they have to choose between their religious, ethnicity and British identity. That’s why we need fantastic fundraisers, willing to give their time and energy to fundraise for us. The money you raise will go towards helping everyone feel a part of the great British community, young, old, disabled and able.

The British Social Attitudes Survey has noted a steady drop in sympathy towards people who are the most vulnerable in the labour market. Even support for increasing benefits for the disabled has seen a drop since 2008

Here’s some great ideas

Why not put on a concert, involve your friends and family, use churches, halls and pubs as venues, many bands will also play for free. Serve food & plenty of cider.

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Host a pub qui

Or hold a contest for unsigned bands, where audience votes on the winner. Charge bands to enter, offer a prize and invite record producers. Sell tickets and set up a paying bar.

It’s a games Nights. Invite friends over to play Cluedo, Monopoly, Scrabble, Jenga etc and charge an entrance fee.

Pub Quizzes are great fun and people love to get competitive. Get your venue, know how many teams it will hold and publicise it using social media. You can charge £10 a team to compete. If you don’t fancy a quiz you can always go for skittles, darts, pool or cards. Charge people to enter; the landlord/lady will appreciate the custom, and might agree to donate free drinks for the winner. You could even make it a weekly league.

Get your skates on and organise a retro roller disco

Host a karaoke night, charging a small donation per sing-along, you could hold this at home all you need is a games console and a microphone.

Coach trips to London, Blackpool, flower shows, etc, are popular. Sell tickets and hold a raffle.

Invite well-known chefs to share the recipe of their success with a ticket paying audience

Get creative with face paints at fetes, fairs and children’s parties. Set up a coconut shy, apple bobbing stands, races and white elephant stalls. Add stereos, football and rounders bats and make it a whole day’s event.

Firework displays are massive fundraisers but be sure to take safety precautions

Organise paintballing challenges at locally run centres. Players pay to enter.

Whatever you choose to enjoy yourself! Email us to register your fundraising event today!


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