Social Media/Comment/Blog  House Rules

Firstly, we welcome all opinions.

We welcome your opinions both positive and negative. We understand that you may not always necessarily agree with us or other site users. However when stating your point please do not abuse, bully, use offensive language or go off topic to us or other people on our comments/social media pages. We want Link Up (UK) and the Great British Community pages to be an open, welcoming and constructive space for debate. We really don’t want to have to remove any content so please do keep in the spirit of our pages. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time on

Your comment is online, which means it is in the public domain – everyone on the internet can read it. You are legally responsible for what you submit. We cannot accept any liability for issues or prosecutions arising as a result of comments you have made.

Please don’t swear, use offensive language, or hate speech. We will respond to complaints.

Spam/Trolling/Relevance of posts

Spamming us repeatedly (this includes repetitious messages about a single point) – even after we’ve made an effort to engage with you and address your issues – deters other followers from engaging with us. This behaviour will not be tolerated. If you’re debating please keep your submissions relevant to the story or topic.

Do not insult other contributors or discuss the non-appearance or removal of any content. If you have a question about any content removed contact us at

If you are offended by a user’s post please report it to Facebook/Twitter. If you would like it removed by us, please contact us at

You must not make or encourage comments which are:

  • defamatory, false or misleading
  • insulting, threatening or abusive
  • obscene or of a sexual nature
  • offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic comments or discriminatory comments against any religions or other groups.

Please respect people’s privacy.

You are not allowed to submit confidential or private information. For example, you must not upload the telephone number, email address or any other contact details of any other person.

Any postings on our Facebook wall must be relevant to the community. If they are to advertise a commercial service or product they will be removed. Any questions contact us on

Removal of content, warnings and suspensions

If you breach any of the above rules we will use the following steps:

  • Link Up (UK) and the Great British Community will always try to resolve the issue first with anyone who violates the house rules.
  • If Link Up (UK) and the Great British Community needs to moderate or delete posts, we will always explain our reasons for doing so, pointing to the relevant section of the house
  • Link Up (UK) and the Great British Community reserves the right to ban followers/service users from our pages for serious violations or repeat violations of the house rules.