Connect The Dots

At Link Up (UK) we understand the benefits of people working together, of collaboration and sharing skills, ideas and knowledge. We recognise that the best solutions lie with those people working on the ground. We also recognise that working together can be complicated, and that people need the right support and tools to help this to happen.

Link Up (UK) is hosting a team with over 20 years of experience in charities, media and central government – Rodney Appleyard, Michelle Lawrence and Mandip Sahota – to develop Connect The Dots:

Connect the Dots is a system of working that helps practitioners, funders and statutory bodies to collaborate and coordinate efforts on the ground to create greater impact at a local level. Facilitated by the CTD team and platform – organisations and individuals will be supported to create collaborations, share what works and monitor impact.

Watch this space for more details to come.
If you have any questions or have expertise you would like to bring to this initiative, please email