The Family Tree Of Newham – Stories


Link Up (UK) is looking for stories that represent the “best of the borough”, to be displayed on the Family Tree of Newham website:

  • We want stories about the people, places, groups, events, businesses etc. which have made a positive contribution to Newham.
  • We also want the stories of people from Newham whose positive contribution was felt elsewhere, perhaps even internationally.
  • “Positive contribution” can range from a lollipop lady and someone who volunteers their time, to an Olympic athlete and a Battle of Britain hero. Plus every shade in between! We want to hear from every part of Newham life, not just the headliners, but the everyday heroes too.
  • People who go above and beyond what is expected, whether in their jobs, or in their communities by sharing time, resources, work, education, interests, supporting others ……
  • People, groups and organisations who help make improvements in many areas of life. Community cohesion and education opportunities for example, or perhaps who have changed perceptions of diverse groups for the better.

By displaying the stories that show the best of the borough, we will show the positive contributions all its diverse groups and communities have made, together.

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