The Family Tree Project needs you!

We’ve had another busy few weeks, with all our young research groups now polishing off their interviews and turning them into presentations.

Despite being the last groups to join the project, both groups at LAE completed their involvement delivering their presentations to over 500 of their peers. Opting to create edited videos to deliver their findings, both groups produced lively and engaging material looking at Mental Health and Gender. We’ll feature these films on the site in the next few weeks.

Langdon Academy, Lister and West Ham Kicks are also not far behind, with participants woking hard to finish off their presentations amidst exam prep and football practice. With a joint presentation event planned for the 4th June, we’re looking forward to what the groups have found.

The next stage is to recruit lots more people and groups from the local community to help us develop the tree into a community resource. You can contact us about getting involved here.  

You can also help by fundraising or donating to the project. The project will cost around £10,000 to complete and your donation could make all the difference to its success. You can donate to the project or the Charity here.

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