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Newham Family Tree Project

Composite collage icon for Newham Family TreeThe Family Tree programme is designed to combat negative myths and stereotypes by promoting the wide ranging benefits of diversity to Britain. The end result of the programme is the Family Tree website showing the histories of the different groups that make up a community and the benefits they have brought. By placing the histories at the roots of the Tree and the benefits in the branches, we will be able to visually counter the myths that diversity is a recent phenomenon and that its impact has been negative. The first Family Tree is being piloted in Newham, our aim is to develop Family Trees across the country. For more information please contact us at




Every day there seems to be another negative story put out there about a different group of people, and we want to do something to change that. We want to bust the myths, break down the stereotypes and challenge the misconceptions. We’re working on a series of myth busting resources, coming to a website near you.


So what does it mean to be a British citizen today? Is it about what football team you follow? Is it about an addiction to tea and cricket? Or queuing, or humour, or fish and chips, or a roast on Sunday, or watching Eastenders? Or is it deeper than that? Well that’s what we want to find out, and we will be asking you those questions. What are the rights, responsibilities, entitlements and values that you believe are part of being a British citizen in 2015?


There are so many reasons to celebrate the great people who make up our country, so that’s what we want to do. But we won’t want to look back in time, we know Churchill was a great, as was Queen Elizabeth I, Darwin, Shakespeare and John Lennon. So what we want to do is look at Britain today. Who represents the best of British now? Think of the artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, scientists, architects, authors, comedians and musicians who make modern Britain great.


Family Tree

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Piloted in Newham – – the Family Tree aims to collect and share stories which show the huge benefits diversity has brought both in the past and today. We want to raise awareness of the positive contributions from individuals and groups, much of which so often goes unrecognised. By bringing stories of these role models to light, it can help break down barriers, and also help people feel how much they belong. Taking these stories to as wide an audience as possible will build greater understanding of our communities and challenge division, stereotypes and myths – in particular the myth that diversity is a recent, negative phenomenon. Having run it as a pilot in Newham, which involved schools, community groups, individuals and local businesses – we plan to offer the Family Tree as a model that can be developed in other areas.

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