Not Your Average Woman

Not Your Average Woman


Born to a woman who had no want for a child

I was an unwanted little girl


Growing up with olive skin

I was a different little girl


Having no family around me from a young age

I was a lonely little girl


School was not an enjoyable experience

I was a bullied little girl


Wanting to be one of the “in-girls”

I was told you’re “ugly for a girl”


Sports were never my thing, always last to be picked

I was a fat little girl


Classrooms gave me that claustrophobic feeling

I was told I was a stupid little girl


Growing up in the social care system

I was never a cared for little girl


Dreams of becoming the next Juliet Bravo

I was told that’s no job for a girl


Giving birth to my daughter age just 17

I am no longer a girl .. I am a mother

Holding down 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet

I am a cook, a cleaner, a driver, a consultant, a bouncer, a nurse, a wonder woman, I am a mother


Trained in Bodyguarding and Firearm Skills

I was told this is no job for a woman or mother


At 30 Bodyguarding was my life but a surprise was fated,

I was again to be a mother.


One Domestic Violence relationship later

I was broken, he was in custody but I am still a mother


Choosing career over relations, focus became my passion

I was no longer just a mother, I was again a woman


Becoming a business owner the very 1st time

But being told you’ll never make it as a woman


Getting robbed for thousands by a male client without a care in the world

He knew there was nothing I could do

After all, I am but just a woman.


Taking a risk to save my business sent me to jail

But a mother away from her kids is not even half a woman.


The loss of my maternal grandmother

My inspiration as a woman


10 years later I have a big successful business,

Now people say I am their superwoman


But I fight the same battles now 20 years later

I hear the same noises

This is no job for a woman


Going back to uni, did my degree, passed with Distinction

Yet the men and some teachers for 2 years told me

You have no capability or place here woman


If I cry or show emotion

Its ok, I am a woman


If I don’t cry or show emotion

I am hard hearted cold kind of woman


If you know me, you will know I am warm hearted, loyal and funny

But if I speak up for myself

I am a mouthy sort of woman.


I am no longer that lonely little girl

And I won’t be quiet because I am a woman


Why should I be treated differently?

Just because I am a woman?


Should I earn less than my male counterparts?

Apparently so because I am a mere woman


Should I have been made to marry?

Because it is birthright and passage as a woman?



Why must I be a lesbian to work in my industry?

Obviously because I am a woman


I am no longer that lonely little girl

And I won’t be quiet just because I am a woman.


Krista Brown








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