Link Up (UK) is a charity that was set up to combat prejudice, intolerance and discrimination in Britain, which we do by celebrating the benefits of diversity. We want to show that diversity is not only at the heart of what it means to be British (and always has been) but also how this diversity has brought huge benefits both in the past and in the present. Our diverse communities have contributed to and shaped everything that consider to be quintessentially British, from the society we live in, the food we eat, the music we listen to and the traditions we hold dear. We believe in celebrating this shared heritage and focusing on what unites us instead of what divides us.

At Link Up (UK) we are dedicated to combating negative stereotypes, discrimination and false myths. All of these factors can contribute to particular groups feeling threatened, undervalued or misinterpreted which in turn can cause divisions and hostility between groups that are seen as not alike. We believe that it is important to promote awareness and respect for the contribution that different communities have made as well as continually looking for innovative ways to bring
communities together.

If we link up, if we work together for equality, we can change attitudes, we can build a society where everyone feels they belong.

Our Vision:

To build a united society where everyone is valued irrespective of ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability or any other perceived differences.

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