GBC’s Top 5 Comedy Sketches on Racial Stereotyping

GBC’s Top 5 Comedy Sketches on Racial Stereotyping

We think that comedy can be a fantastic way to take a lighter look, and challenge, racial stereotyping that has existed in this country. We’ve got a rundown of what we think are the Top 5 comedy routines and sketches that play on stereotypes or mocks those that make them. If you think we’ve missed a piece of classic comedy that needs to be on this list, then let us know, it’s up for debate!

5. Kicking us of at number 5 we have a recent joke on Have I Got News for You made by american comedian Reginald D Hunter. The very British topic of class comes up, and how we aren’t very good at racism!



4. Omid Djalili is known for playing with preconceptions with his Iranian accent bit, but here he takes a wider jibe at all of our preconceptions when it comes to people with different accents.



3. As part of the brilliant and hilarious news satire ‘Brass Eye’, Chris Morris pokes fun at the media stereotypes of black people and crime. The sketch is topped of by the deadpan receival of the video and the ‘apology for all black people’.



2. Ricky Gervais and Extras is known for its excruciatingly awkward comedy, and this scene is one it’s finest.



1. It really can only be. This is the absolute classic stereotype reversal, and might be the first sketch that came to mind when you read the title. ‘Going for an English’, was first shown on Goodness Gracious Me in 1998 and has been voted the 6th greatest comedy sketch of all time on a Channel 4 list show.


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