Here you will find our back catalogue of GBC infographics.The Great British Community uses infographics to provide a fun, visual and most importantly, shareable way of presenting material related to the different diversity strands.

You will find everything from topics related to immigration in the UK to LGBT rights to quirky representations of some of our ‘Great British Heroes!’ including illegal aliens like Dr Who and Paddington!

We are seeking volunteers of all types to work with us. You can write, create a film or infographic, tell your story, suggest ideas for new work and web content, agree to an interview or fundraise for us. You can help us  by simply sharing the  resources below to like minded friends and family by email or social media. Join us and help us create a truly GREAT BRITISH COMMUNITY.

An archive of posts with infographics

The impact of immigration on UK businesses

The impact of immigration on UK businesses

Is Immigration bad for British employment? We’ve heard the opinions of everyone from politicans to cabbies. Received wisdom would suggest that less immigration would be better for local UK employment. But are current immigration policies actually making the UK less competitive? Paul Caton takes a look at how the points based system affects British businesses… Continue Reading