Link Up (UK)

Link Up (UK) is a charity that was set up in May 2012 to combat racism and divisions in society by celebrating the benefits of diversity.  Under the heading of the Great British Community we will be running a number of GBC PROJECTS to celebrate our shared heritage, and in the process show not only that diversity is at the heart of what it means to be British, but that this diversity benefits us both historically and today.

Our Vision:

A vibrant cohesive society where all are valued, irrespective of ethnicity, religion or any other perceived differences.

Our Mission:

Breaking down myths & stereotypes

Building up a shared sense of belonging

Combating prejudice & discrimination

Our Aims:

To promote awareness and respect for the contribution that different communities have made and continue to make to the history and traditions of Britain.

To combat prejudice, negative stereotypes and discrimination.

To build a shared sense of belonging, by engaging with those who feel concerned about their stake in society.

To increase our impact by developing effective partnerships with communities and cross sector organisations.

To be continually looking for innovative ways to bring communities together.

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