Athletes Parade Pics & Olympic Legacy!

Hello again! We’ve been very busy pushing forward with the GBC project, but we also managed to steal some time to appreciate the Olympic & Paralympic games as other blog posts will have told you. Now that the games are officially over, there has been a lot of discussion, talk and hope that the legacy the games have left behind will continue to and eventually become a part of British life. The games have drawn British people from all walks of life closer together, increased our interest in sport in a time where obesity is an ever-growing issue and increased awareness in the needs of the disabled.

But alongside this heated debate and discussion, a few of us at the Link Up (UK) team had a chance to enjoy the last moments of the Olympic and Paralympic games at the Athletes Parade just off Waterloo Bridge. We brought a camera and essential snacks along and generally soaked up the atmosphere as the athletes floated on by exuberantly flashing their well earned medals and generally just revelling in the moment. The gymnasts even made a human pyramid at one point, in which we were ‘privileged’ to catch the backside of this display in the crowd. I guess it gave a ‘different’ angle. Below is our ‘athletes gallery’, which is just a compilation of our favourite pictures so click on the thumbnails below to have a look!

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